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Question: Do I lose the Apple guarantee if I insert an OptiBay or build in?

Answer: Yes, the installation of an OptiBay entails that the one-year-old guarantee of Apple goes out. On this occasion, it is no matter whether the rebuilding is carried out by an Apple service provider or the buyer himself.
To be able to take up furthermore the guarantee of Apple, the OptiBay must be developed again and the internal superdrive again be inserted, i.e., the device must be brought back to his delivery state, without that, besides, visible damages have originated.

Question: Is the developed DVD disk drive bootable in the external case USB or compatibly with the Apple applications?

Answer: Yes which is bootable external DVD disk drive as well as with all applications like toast, is fully compatible iTunes, iDVD etc. 


Question: The optical drive of non-unibody model is internally connected via UATA100. Can I still install a SATA disk drive in the OptiBay?

Answer: In the case you can use a SATA SSD drive installed, the controller is a SATA OptiBay in connection with a PATA connection to the motherboard.

Question: If an SSD hard drive installed in the housing OptiBay normal or better in thehard drive bay?

Answer: We recommend to install the SSD in OptiBay because the drive is on theactual position very well protected against vibrations.

Question: Is the expanded DVD drive in the external USB case bootable andcompatible with Apple's?

Answer: Yes, the external DVD drive is both bootable and works with all programssuch as Toast, iTunes, iDVD, etc. fully compatible.

Question: Is the installation difficult to accomplish?

Answer: Basically, no. Please visit our page with a video installation instructions andan installation guide on CD that came with each OptiBay (including tools). However, we recommend installation by a technician. If you wish, we can accept the conversionfor you love. In this case, please email contact us.


Question: Can I install after the change a Windows system using Boot Camp on the external USB drive?

Answer: No! A Windows Installation DVD can not boot from the external USB enclosure! In this case you need a second Mac using FireWire Target mode to do the Windows installation. In some cases the use of rEFIt has helped. 

On this topic there are a few posts, so we would like to contribute only a small selection:

Use of rEFIt

BootCamp and Windows

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